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    I know there are probably very few people who read this message board that go to the Washington state casinos, but there is a statement that is no longer true about a couple of little out of the way casinos in Eastern Washington.

    The Two Rivers and Chewelah Casinos do not take coins anymore. Alas...they have gone to paper also. We used to enjoy the the clink of coin but I guess they settled their compacts with the state.

    We used to go to Two Rivers every summer and stay at the RV park. It is a beautiful part of the country and very out of the way,but the little casino was fun as it had the old style machines. They are all gone and it is now the same as any other tribal casino.

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    Re: Washington State Casinos

    Thanks for the update.

    We are now working on the 2009 edition of the Guide and we will be sure to change the information in the book, as well as on the web site.