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Twin River Casino: never going back, again

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  • Twin River Casino: never going back, again

    After staying away for four months... because of poor to no payouts, my girlfriend and i received $10.00 in slot play. i thought, maybe things have improved....WRONG,WRONG,WRONG.The slots got even tighter, and when you FINALLY , got a bonus, you got crap, now i'm betting $1.20 a spin, and a bonus of $4.00 to $10.00 dollars.I don't care if they give me $50.00 bucks free play, i will NEVER return. As a matter of fact; we took our players club cards, i looked into the camera, and said never again,as we put the cards in the trash bin. We have played Newport Grande, with much better results..And when Ma. gets it's casino's, i predict Twin River will fold, so save your money,

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