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The Meadows Racetrack & Casino: Paid A Forty Five Thousand Dollar Fine

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  • The Meadows Racetrack & Casino: Paid A Forty Five Thousand Dollar Fine

    A cook is ripping off customers. He placed five onion rings total in the food order. The price was too high for a combo of a fountain drink with 5 onion rings! Do not buy the combo when he is the cook. He has short changed customers, witnessed on several orders. He was laughing about it with other Meadows food court kitchen employees. He was heard laughing with other employees about the few piece orders. He said while laughing about customers, "he gives the difference to other customers!" This means he decides what a customer looks like how he will do his job. Simply because, he did not know me or seem to know other customers. If he doesn't know me, he probably doesn't know the other ripped off customers. He is a heavy set large cook with a thin beard. When you order a large sub, you save 1.00 with a combo, spending 2.75 more to receive the combo. You save because you paid more on the main order. Giving five onion rings he called a half order was not on the sign nor explained while ordering. No other restaurant does this. Reason is it's a incentive normally for a full food order to save and pay more on extra food. *Note, the fountain drink is useless to pay for because the main casino floor offers customers those for free. Problem is, any smart casino offers more food for the money to bring customers into the establishment. It's no Las Vegas is right! Those are the real casinos! A employee at the Meadows was heard saying he was in real casinos. The Meadows in Pennsylvania (owned by Cannery Casinos) isn't considered a real casino by some. This is because of the way it is poorly, rudely run and operated.As a casino overall review, Customers at the Platinum Players Club card ranking level are reporting flat promotions. One platinum member showed me her Platinum Players Club card while expressing her dissatisfaction in The *Meadows Racetrack And Casino in Washington County Pennsylvania. She received only $5.00 of free play. Most of your bus casino tours offer 10.00 for bussed in players! New players receive a 10.00 free play start! Platinum holders receive the same amount as new players!Upsetting or insulting customers by actions, words, faces or lessened promotions is proving to be problematic for The Meadows.Additionally, calling a slot machine service attendant lost some money. The attendant at a machine fixed it, then forced a customer to use the money returned into the machine in front of them. The customer paid to see if he fixed it, if he did his job correctly! The customer made a winning after the attendant left the machine. The Meadows customer then left upset with the winnings! Nice way to lose money Meadows.Managers lie to customers. When a manager makes a false promise to a customer and then takes it back, they aren't truthful by word. The saying goest about such a manager, "you're not a man of your word." If you promise to make a problem right, then change your mind after you promise, it ruins the integrity of you and your casino. If your casino cannot be trusted, no one is safe. The PA State Gaming Control board has no reason to trust The Meadows with managers that lie. The managers are supposed to be trustworthy.*The integrity of The Meadows is at issue again.*Currently in the news: Several underage customers were allowed to gamble at The Meadows currently. They did not appear to be more than fifteen or sixteen years old.Security and floor attendants are noted watching TV continuously!I seen what appeared to be underage gamblers currently, as mentioned above. But, someone that works for The Meadows told me that reporting claims to The PA State Gaming Board gets those reporting incidents kicked out. I say it's a threat scaring customers from reporting known issues and incidents. Apparently, The Meadows isn't above the board nor honest on several very important issues.

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