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Gun Lake Casino: The Worst Casino In Michigan?

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  • Gun Lake Casino: The Worst Casino In Michigan?

    ... We live only 10 miles from the Gun Lake Casino, so we have been there several times! I have TWO WORDS for this Casino "IT SUCKS!"... We too would rather drive farther for a better time. Each time we have been 'hosed'... they could care less if you have a bad gaming experience. YOU WILL NOT even get a little 'play money' back! We have tried almost every Casino in Michigan and have to say the place smells bad... because the ventilation system is horrid. The moment you walk in the lobby door, the odor is noticeable. You may as well save your money for a Casino 'watched' by a gaming commission. I do have ONE nice thing to say about this Casino... The Coffee is VERY GOOD! Grab one on your way out the door and call it your 'hundreds of dollars' cup of java! That is ALL this Casino will give YOU!

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