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Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino: I don't think it could get any worse

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  • Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino: I don't think it could get any worse

    Let's go in order: 1. The slot machines get tightened up on the weekends. I have always been one of those slot players who likes to look around, and play casually. However, as others have noted, the slots do not pay out. Now for those who wish to quote statistics about slot machines, I know. I have played them for over 25 years. Next, recently I had a slot machine error with an "open door" alert. It took over 20 minutes to get an attendant to fix the machine. The attendants are few and far between. 2. I don't play table games 3. Customer service: I am an avid bingo player. I have played bingo for over 25 years. I really love the game. And while this is about customer service I will expand. Twice within the same month, I have seen two people win 2-3 times in a single 15 card game. One of which was a Tribal elder, while the other was a close friend of the staff. It is amazing the things you learn by just listening. Statistically, winning bingo in a 1200 seat parlor is very high, for the the same person to win the bingo 3 times in the same parlor is astronomical. But back to the customer service, bingo attendants are rude, and unless you have the secret handshake don't expect service. But this goes for all attendants, not just bingo. Tachi has to realize that players are their bread/butter, and we should be treated as such. 4. Player's Club: yeah right, all those hard earned (paid for) points for useless and impractical gifts. My girlfriend and I signed up for their PC on the same day, in fact the same attendant did both. Two weeks later, she received $70 of Tachi cash. Good for her, yet I received nothing. There has always been the thought that PC cards which track your movement and spending will help and hurt you. Yes you earn points (help) but they are track time on a machine, the type of machine you play and whether or not you win. 5. Gaming Atmosphere: TOO CROWDED. Nothing anyone can do about this. 6. Amenities: The buffet absolutely sucks. Unless you are only interested in simply eating because you are dying of starvation. The wait staff is again few and far between, I have eaten better food at Home Town Buffet, there is nothing outstanding about this restaurant. In fact it is below par when compared to a local chain restaurant. 7. Food & Drink: See above. Lastly noted, the bar is extremely small, not enough seating, and the price is extremely high. I have also noted, the bartenders are merely handle pullers for beer. They do not know mixology and must refer to the Bartenders Cook Book often, this equates to very slow service and poorly made drinks. Now there is an option to sit outside, however most of the time the misters are on making sitting outside a bad idea unless you are wearing your swimsuit. The bottom line: Tachi really needs to quit being self-serving and tend to the customer.

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