This casino has fell into the gutter when it comes to playing their slot machines because their payouts suck now and have for the last 6 months. In the past you could play their red spin quarter machines for a few hours on a hundred buck with the possibility of even hitting a jackpot. Those days are over at Newcastle. Now you are lucky if you even get a red spin with any payout at all on a hundred dollars. It is like sticking your money in an empty vending machine time after time. The thrill s gone at Newcastle Casino.Note: I have noticed over the last year that more and more people are wearing surgical mask while playing at Newcastle and I always thought it was because of the smoke. I found out the hard way that it isn't because of the smoke. The last time I played there I caught Pneumonia. So not only did I lose 200 dollars in an hour and a half the visit also cost me 500 in doctor bills to cure the infection I caught.Nothing positive at Newcastle Casino.

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