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Chinook Winds Casino Resort: Casino should have different name

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  • Chinook Winds Casino Resort: Casino should have different name

    The slot machines ate my money. 3x I had to push the help light button because my money got stuck. When I finally found a machine that didn't try to jam up when I put in my money, I lost it all. I put a $20 bill in a penny machine and playing $1.25 a spin, I got absolutely nothing. We ate in the deli and the food was alright but the tables were filthy dirty and they didn't even seem that busy to where one of the workers couldn't have come out and cleaned the tables. I made a comment to the cashier girl and she said that it wasn't their job to clean the tables. Yeah, right. Then we went and played the table games and the blackjack dealer was actually using his fingers to count and still couldn't count right. I was afraid he might take off his shoes and socks and possibly his pants, so he would have more digits to count with. It was pretty scary. I thought blackjack dealers had to go to school for this stuff. Did not visit the player's club, I do not want a casino keeping track of where I am or what machine I am playing, every time I use a card. It's an invasion of privacy. Floor was dingy and I seem to remember seeing the same carpet when I was here about 8 years ago. Same with the paint colors on the wall. Slot attendants are slow and sloppy. Would I return? Nope. Not even if I won the lottery.

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