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Harrah's Cherokee Casino: IT'S A SHAME....////

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  • Harrah's Cherokee Casino: IT'S A SHAME....////

    Having moved to Charlotte from NJ about 8 years ago, the only close casino was Cherokee, so I've seen it grow from a few buildings to a huge gaming complex. It's a 3 hour one way trip and it's surprising that no one has offered a regular scheduled bus trips more than one or two a month....But putting travel aside, I go (my wife occasionally) to Cherokee to get away and (let's be honest), try to win some money.... After having played in Atlantic City and 'felt' the payouts there, Cherokee is VERY disapointing and I honestly didn't know/realize how little a percentage the casino pays out on the slots til a few months ago. I never thought to check as I just assumed they paid a fair and decent payout.... How WRONG I was... I went all of last year without winning or even getting close to a decent payout... I attain Diamond status so it's not like I am not spending substantial mooney. In the back of my head, I always thought it was strange and the slots could be so 'tight' for me... but have since found it's not only me... but EVERYONE.The new casino is just about finished and is beautiful but the problem with that area, is lack of ample people to work. Last few trips it was evident in hardly any slot personnel around, restaurants understaffed, housecleaning slow, etc. this eventually will hurt.The food and restaurants NEED upgrading, even the NEW ones. Paula Deans has sub standard food, The downstairs buffet is just OK...nothing special and the fast food area just plain stinks. Ever get a Johnny Rockers at Harrah's in Atlantic City? Cherokee's is like dog food. And none of the other fast food places serve really fresh food.... the Uno's pizza is warm and has been sitting for a whle and the quality of the deli meat is mediocre at best. I have not tried Ruths Chris or Brio yet but Both are Expensive eateries.... I don't get ANY food comps like I do in AC, so, it just depends on my mood ( and winnings) if I will frequent them.From what I was told (and I'm not sure if this is true), Harrah's, although in charge of most of the operations, only owns approx. 12 percent of this Casino, so the problem lies with the Indian Gaming Commission to makes all of the decisions. And in my opinion, they could care less about who attends their casino or how to treat the guests. They just appear to want to make as much money as possible. As a patron, I would like to feel at least a little special, don't you? well, at lest I have vented for the one or two people who will read this. I certainly don't want to come across negative but until there is a positive attitude and changes at Cherokee, I am seriously considering weekend trips to AC offered by the likes of Pair-a-dice travel, etc.Anyone know of any other sites ... I truly believe word has to get out about how little their slot payout percentage is.... At least I know I'll have a better chance of coming home with some money in my pocket and I can enjoy a real Atlantic city funnel cake on the boardwalk.

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    Re: Harrah's Cherokee Casino: IT'S A SHAME....////

    It is sad that this is the best we can do here in NC! My husband and I would rather spend $$ on airfare and go to LV or LA than drive 3 hrs to Cherokee! I really wish they would loosen the slots some and paid attention to their customer service - they would actually make MORE $$ that way!