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Hollywood Casino Bangor: Absurd

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  • Hollywood Casino Bangor: Absurd

    Hands down, the single worst casino I've ever been to. Playing $100 at a time in several slot machines, and losing it in under ten minutes, sometimes less, was unreal! What a third rate, Micky Mouse gaming facility! Who runs a casino by screwing their customers as fast as they can? It's common sense as a gambler that you are not supposed to win - I get it - but even a modicum of business savvy shoud tell you (I would think it is innate) that not even allowing customers to "play" for a little while will reap the establishment a horrible reputation. It's quite simple, deductive reasoning at its finest: I vacationed from Michigan, visited the facility, recognized the incompetence, will never return and, most importantly, will tell everyone I know about the horrific experience... Duh!

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