Sam Manuel is the nearest casino to my home, which is why I gave them a chance. Unfortunately, I lost on every occasion and every machine. Even when I hit bonus rounds, I get paid little to nothing, and walk out broke. If you care about your money, you better go elsewhere. Sam Manuel has no intention of letting loose of their money. They don't want some, they want all of it. They are HORRIBLE and I will never, ever, ever go back. Silly me for dealing with them in the first place. They used to be one of the best casinos and I won a lot. I lost too, but it was fair. Since building the new casino and the recession, they have tightened those slots to the extreme. If you go there, prepare to leave your money.........all of it. No to mention, they sent our a survey recently asking questions. They didn't put one question regarding how they paid out. Darn shame!

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