I have played here for over a decade...not anymore. This used to be a fair place to gamble with a decent staff, but since they built the new casino, everyone gets ripped off here. I lost my keys here one night, and they would not even make an announcememnt to help me find them. The management doesn't do anything to make you feel welcome here. My $50 a week in free play is gone in minutes at this place along with any money I had in my pocket. Comps are crappy too. Save your money and gamble in Tahoe, Vegas or Reno. At least you will get a free room or better comps and you won t lose your $ so quickly. The restaurant is a joke, I ordered my steak well done, it was RAW when I got, not pink...RAW! The club desk people are the only ones that are even halfway polite. Food sucks, everything closes early so forget late nite eating here, it wont happen. Slots are so tight you could drop $500 in 2 hours without ever hitting anything over $30 in return. This place was nice years ago, but since they built the new place, its a money pit. I will never return.

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