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Harrahs atlantic city--cage thief

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  • Harrahs atlantic city--cage thief

    LIVING in the phila. area atlantic city is only 75 miles away and my only outlet on late night crap shooting ventures,heres what happened to me in oct.2008.....i drove to harrahs marina and arrived at 1.00am i bought into the crap table for $700.00 and played until 5.30am..i had the dealer color me up as it was time to hit the road home the dealer said you have $2,650.00 ...i took my chips and headed for the cage upon arriving there were no employees in the cage i walked around for a few miutes and finally a young lady waved at me and pointed to a window...{PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THE CASINO WAS DEAD AS A DOORNAIL NO CUSTOMERS}..i put my chips on the counter the cashier stated $2,650.00 to which i said correct...then came the quick count at breakneck speed --the young lady counted the money so fast from her one hand to her other then attempted to hand me the stack of bills which i refused and asked her to recount the money slower {A LOOK OF TOTAL DISGUST CAME ON HER FACE} when she recounted the money she was a $100.00 BILL SHORT...she immediately stated im sorry sir to wit i stated your only sorry that i caught you.{THE EYES DONT LIE}..i took my cash went back to the pit told the pit boss what had happened and he stated to me what can i do...just to let evryone no i have been gambling over 35 years all over the world and i have seen every con in gambling circles..THIS was an intentional beat by this young lady not an honest mistake i assume at 5.30 am she takes advantage of intoxicated/tired gamblers..the proper procedure for a cage cashier when counting money is to lay the money in rows during the count so the customer as well as the camera would see this...not hand to hand quick count then try to hand a bundle of cash to a customer....i have contacted harrahs concerning this to no avail i asked for harrahs corporate website and atlantic city refuses to give it to me..{THERE KEEPING THERE DIRT IN HOUSE}..since this cashier isnt stealing from the casino and is only robbing the customers harrahs apparently seems ok to let her operate a side done with all harrahs propertys after the way they blew me off on this...station and coast casinos only for me...{HARRAHS-JUST SAY NO}}