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Mountaineer Casino Racetrack Resort: i wouldnt do it...

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  • Mountaineer Casino Racetrack Resort: i wouldnt do it...

    I have consistently played blackjack to craps on several occasions and spent about $3,000 each time. Pit bosses become rude and almost disrespectful if you win over $400 at one time playing craps, and the blackjack tables are insane. How about 7 shoes straight and the dealer hits untill they either reach 21 or beat you? Players are greedy, not taking cards when they should to make the dealer bust on the draw. They win $10 or $25 you lose $500. Slots?, hell I've never hit them before the table games and haven't since.

    I think the casinos in West Virgina should be inspected closely by an independent commission outside of state rule and control. I've played at Wheeling Island and encountered the same bad luck where table after table loses money to the draw from the shoe where the dealer pulls winning cards from each and every deck, newly shuffled or otherwise. Cards are cards, but fair is fair if you understand the games the dealer shouldnt win 95% of the time for hours. I'd rather buy scratch off tickets then play at any of these places.

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    Re: Mountaineer Casino Racetrack Resort: i wouldnt do it...

    PLEASE dont take this the wrong way but after reading your review i have come up with only two logical reasons why the things you mentioned happened.........#1 are the players on the blackjack tables novices or are they playing basic strategy .....???????? #2 perhaps there house schills,placed at tables to break out the highest players on the table ????????????....the most important myth and wisetail involving blackjack is that playing third base you control the destiny...its an absolute farce in multi deck games dealt from a shoe...try concentrating on only your hand vs the dealers up card-use basic blackjack srategy,quit drinking and i think you will find yourself winning more often..........good luck....on the crap table dont be meek and mellow theres no reason for you and the suits to ever even converse unless theres a pay off dispute of some kind.......i put them miserable ones in there place when necessary............