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Hollywood Casino - Aurora: go elsewhere

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  • Hollywood Casino - Aurora: go elsewhere

    We WERE regulars for a long time. We no longer would go there if it was the last place to gamble. The manner that management took to "resolve" a 100 bill we found can best be described as a mugging.

    They had 2 hours to ask for it the day it was found. They had 10 days to contact us for it before we went back. Notice I said 10 days. That would mean we go there more than once a month. They could have sent an e mail or phoned the house to ask for the found money back. They do call here for surveys, and they mail promotions to my house and e-mail account.

    Instead they chose to approach a customer in an intimidating manner with the "request" to resolve this in a private office, 10 days after $100 was picked up from off the floor to be lost in slots anyway. More of a threat than anything. Was actually scared to get the car. I would go and cash in coupons and get more than that back, but I would be afraid they would try to extort me for the "juice". Gamble at your own risk here.

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