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Philadelphia Park Casino and Racetrack: Disappointment

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  • Philadelphia Park Casino and Racetrack: Disappointment

    Best part was the steak restaurant rather nice and good food. The parking lot is a disaster with huge pot holes, broken glass and trash all around. Place is dirty, stuffy and smells bad. The upstairs floor was ok. The attendants were pretty good and most were friendly. Security guards seem almost nonexistent in and outside the place.

    This place is a poor excuse for a "new" Pennsylvania Casino. They are supposed to build another Casino which is to be completed by the end of 2009 in progress the same grounds. If it is anything like the Casino there now then don't bother and just bulldoze both of them.

    Get rid of the indoor smoking, fix the freaking parking lot, hire security guards, get some new slot machines that don't look like hand downs from other casinos, hire a cleaning staff for the floors and bathrooms, get rid of the trash cans sitting all around by machines, get a computer system that works so the cash out machines and slot machines stop rejecting tickets. The people in charge of this place need to visit other area Casinos that are real classy and take notes!!!

    If you Philly Parks Casino operation and management get your act together send all members a generous amount free slot play and ask if they might come back and see the new class operation!

    One other thing. When it's Christmas time put up a Christmas tree (with decorations, at least one tree) and decorate the place.

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