The only nice thing is the non-smoking sections. This place is so tight i'd honestly rather look at the grass it once stood on. The workers there think they own the place and are working in hollywood. Well, guess what? They're not. They're working in the tightest casino i have ever stepped foot in.

I lost so much money at this place, of course if you're old or know someone they may let you win. That seems to be the way it goes up there, the waitresses are so annoying especially the one that yells.....DRINKKss....DRINKKKKssss. You will hear it if you're there.

I recommend turning your car around and heading for W.V. I know i will now... i hit several jackpots at Wheeling. NONE at the Meadows, although the new casino will be nice, but GUARANTEE YOU, ITS STILL TIGHT.......

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