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  • Charles Town Races Slots: Charles Town Races and slots

    I feel like so many places its relative to your luck and overall knowledge of slots. West Virginia slots are set for an 85% payback, if you expect to hit the true jackpot good luck I only hit it once.

    As far as play wise is concerned they do offer decent paybacks if you play their highest priced machines and have a good bankroll. If you play under their dollar slots forget it, they're set tight no matter where you play crosswalks, by the bars....

    I usually have the best luck on their five dollar pulls. That being said I will never go back to Dover unless I have a $500 bankroll to blow in 5 minutes. Screw Dover. All I do is lose big. no wonder they offer free hotels which I tell them to shove.

    Anyway, if you go to Charlestown, plan to play a $500 bankroll and 5 dollar pulls The quarters and most 50 cent slots are super tight, if you hit a decent payout you will be lucky to break even.

    Also, avoid the multi-lines like in the money. By the time youget adecent hit you're not even breaking even. Also, avoid their hot hot jackpots. At best I can break even on my bankroll. Hope this helps, oh and their players choice is only helpful if you live nearby.

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