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Charles Town Races Slots: Update

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  • Charles Town Races Slots: Update

    Lately slots have become tighter, what few loose slots are available regulars have found and almost fight over.

    I'm not a sore loser. I acccept my gambling debt and when my payout total drops below 75% I won't go back to the casino. It's become so bad there it's no longer uncommon for players club cards to be found on the ground in the slots, in the trash... not just their base members, but black level cards as well.

    In one weekend my payout dropped to 50%. If you're gonna play, good luck to you. Look for the lowest payout slots with low max bets, and by no means does placement theory have any effect on your chances of winning.

    It used to be fun. Now, all I hear is people cussing and swearing that they're not coming back. The only hot machine is the ATM. In three weekend trips and six hours a night, may have heard, or seen, a jackpot winning three times.

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