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Indiana Live Casino: Wait for the permanent casino.

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  • Indiana Live Casino: Wait for the permanent casino.

    The permanent Indiana Live casino is currently under construction. For now they have one of those giant, indoor bubble buildings like you find at an indoor golf driving range. The gravel parking lot and construction do not create a very welcoming atmosphere on the outside but once inside its actually a pretty vibrant environment. The players club sends out alot of mailers for free slot play and food coupons. Also, there are multiple point days. I found most of the slots to be just "OK". There is a pretty nice selection but they are not as loose as some of the casino-hotels on the Ohio river.

    The only place to eat is a Wolfgang Puck cafeteria that sells really overpriced fast food. A burger, fries and drink wil run you over $10. The food is really good but certainly not a bargain at these prices. Once the permanent casino is in place I'm sure there will be more eateries.

    All in all its an OK casino for people local to Indianapolis who want a fun night out. I would not recommend making it a travel destination from another city. I'll go back again when the real casino is in place - for now I'll stick to Hoosier Park in Andersen which offers better food choices and the race track.

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    Re: Indiana Live Casino: Wait for the permanent casino.

    I agree. The new casino was supposed to open in January but it has been pushed back to March. We will be in Vegas the last two weeks in March for the NCAA basketball tournament so it will probably open then and we will miss the opening giveaways. We like Hoosier Park except for the video poker paytables which are mediocre at best. The same is true at the Indiana Live temporary facility and I doubt if it will be any better in the new casino. I will try to get the two facilites to compete and get at least one to improve the paytables but it might be a lost cause. It is play 8/5 DDB or drive to the Ohio River for 9/6 DDB. Indiana Live does have 7/5 Bonus Poker which is not awful but on the same machines they have 6/5 DDB. I sure as heck will not play that. Go figure.