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The Meadows: Reviewing the Reviews

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  • The Meadows: Reviewing the Reviews

    February 4, 2009

    Three of the reviews were dated "1999' (Say what?); two gave 4-star ratings for "table games" (Not yet!). I also found it odd to give
    4-stars for "amenities and hotel" since the hotel isn't built yet.

    To post a review, a person has to fill out all ratings categories. That's why I gave "ones" in two categories when "NA" would have been applicable

    This said, I find the video poker in all denominations to be better than the ones in near WV.

    Read the full Casino Review

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    Re: The Meadows: Reviewing the Reviews

    We stopped in last September on our way from Atlantic City to Indianapolis. We stayed at the Holiday Inn at the bottom of the hill. Parking was pretty tough but not bad enough to forgo the visit. The video poker was ok but since there were not many machines it was hard to get one to play. Also food was limited and the only place to eat had a line to get in about 100 feet long. I think it was some kind of eat free day. We played a little but had to leave when it became time to eat because eating in the casino was not an option. Maybe a larger casino has been built since we were there.