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Charles Town Races Slots: Not too much fun!

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  • Charles Town Races Slots: Not too much fun!

    As others have stated, the slots are way too tight. My wife and I have been going to Charles Town since 2001. It used to be fun. Most of the time we always walked out with a profit and stayed most of the day on $200 to $300. Than half way through 2006 it all changed!!

    Now you are lucky if you are still there with $400 after 2 hours. They are just taking advantage of people. I would like to play on their money sometimes. You go there for entertainment. Charles Town fails in giving us entertainment. You may ask, why do you go than? Yes it's a habit, a bad habit and we always think that it will be different when we go back. WRONG. So bad that we have stopped going as much as we used to. In fact I don't play that much anymore. I just walk around with my wife and watch her play. Save your money and go to Atlantic City.

    We went tonight and this is what happened. We left the house at six, got there a little after seven. Played 6 slots won $90. Had dinner at the SunDance Grill. I'll give the food there an A. After dinner we played 15 more machines and won $50. Played back the $140 that we won and by a little after nine we were going home $400 poorer and yes mad! We were home by 10:15. So say two hours travel time. Thirty minutes for dinner. A hour and half playing slots. Not too much fun. Yes the only hot machines are the ATM's and if you know any better you will stay away from them!

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