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Harrington Raceway Casino: small but nice

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  • Harrington Raceway Casino: small but nice

    Wow this place is very small but nice (first coment when walking in). As stated, maybe1,000 slots literally. Can walk from one end to the other of the casino in 5 minutes.

    It's very modern and clean; the food is okay. I guess the Random Number Generator played in my favor: the 25 dollar pulls were very good to me. One customer (who almost knocked me over) won a hundred grand on one of them.

    The quarter slots and 50 cent slots were okay. Just enough for me to get the gonads to high roll. Seems it's in your favor to play their high roller section but like anywhere else it's what the Random Number Generator wants to do.

    Bear in mind it's a local place so if you play the high roller section you're at risk. Most people seem to play the penny slots and nickel slots. I'd go back just to try to get enough money to head up towards Philly.

    Currently they do have a nice perk going, they offer $200 back if you lose and win nothing so that's nice, but if you win $200 or more you're obviously not going to get anything.

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