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Luxor Las Vegas: Changing times

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  • Ok321LetsJam
    Re: Luxor Las Vegas: Changing times

    Never stayed at the Luxor, but we did hang around there on our last trip in April 2008. I thougyht the buffet was pretty good. Good selection, good food, and worth the cost.

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    Luxor Las Vegas: Changing times

    I have stayed at Luxor the past three years and will be staying this summer. In the past, if you stayed in the pyramid, you would find old worn-out rooms. They have been going through a complete facelift over the past two years and the last piece on the list is to renovate all the rooms. I don't know if the rooms have been done yet, so I would call and ask. The tower rooms are much nicer, worth the extra fee.

    The decor was old Egypt, but the face lift is removing all of that. The new look is slick and modern. I liked the old look better, but I am an archaeologist at heart and that is what brought me to the Luxor to begin with. If you want a modern look, I think Luxor is getting it right. I have to admit that it works well and really looks nice, I just wish I could have bought some of the decorations they got rid of. I don't kinow when the renovations are expected to be finished, so you might run into some "work in progress" problems.

    The food at Luxor is really good and priced well at both the back street deli and the pyramid cafe. I love to eat at both these locations. If you eat at the cafe, don't expect to have room for dessert. I have gone there for a late lunch and only ordered the apple tart, it is big enough for a meal. Just stay away from the buffet. It is one of the worst on the strip. The higher end restaurants are fine choices for a night out. Try the Cathouse for new take on fine dining.

    Luxor is not a budget casino. Don't expect to find $5 blackjack or craps. You can find $10 tables early in the day, but these become rare at night, more so on weekends. I have never had a problem finding a table or playing the type of slot machine I want. Most of the time, cocktail service has been good. I have ALWAYS found the personnel to be great. The dealers are fun and professional, and most of the pit bosses ard kind. You have a Mr. grumpy or two in any casino, just pick a different pit if that happens.

    The poker room is fantastic. It is medium in size. Big enough to have a fun time, small enough to feel like you are not a cog in a machine. I have never found nicer dealers. (there is one mean day dealer, you will know right away when she sits down) The rest are involved in the game and the players, making your stay much more interactive and fun. They have a way of opening up the table to having a good time. You will love the time at the table win or lose. (mostly lose if i'm there LOL)

    I don't like the Bodies exhibit. It is a retread from the Tropicanna. I would of thought they could of come up with something new. The Chriss Angel show is also not getting good reviews. I can't say, it was not open yet last year.

    I still like the Luxor overall. I will be happy when the renovations are done. If you stay there on repeated vacations, the VIP check-in is worth its weight in gold.

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