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Philadelphia Park Casino and Racetrack: yuk! Worst place we ever played.

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  • Philadelphia Park Casino and Racetrack: yuk! Worst place we ever played.

    This is a horrible 'casino'. The parking lot is disgusting. It is outside - old and broken down as well as filled with trash. You have to walk a very long distance to get inside the casino. At night, many of the overhead lights are out making it dangerous and scary.

    Inside, there are 2 floors stuffed with machines. They say there are places to eat, but we could not find them. Last year, there was a buffet on the 2nd floor, but they took that out and replaced it with more machines. When it was in operation, we ate there a few times. They had a very limited food selection and most of the times one of the few main courses was no longer available. The food was average.

    As for the casino, the machines are extremely tight! It is very rare that you have any kind of hit on a machine and it is usually a small one. My guess is that Phila Park has all their machines set for the minimum allowable payback of 85% which is much lower than LV, AC and most other state's casinos, which generally run in the 90-95%.

    We even tried the electronic BlackJack tables. They too operated in a 'more take than give' mode and many times it appeared as if the decks were 'rigged' in favor of the dealer. I suspect they have dramatically reduced the programmed payout percentages, as BJ is typically about a 98% payback game in a real casino.
    The total lack of any kind of winnings make for a miserable experience.

    All of the machines are coinless - they have the ticket printers. But trying to cash one of these things is like pulling teeth. Most of the cash machines that accept the tickets are broken, forcing you to hunt down one of the few people-staffed cages.
    Phila Park is now building a new stand-alone casino as part of their agreement to obtaining their license (although they attempted to renig on this promise). I suspect not much will change there as they will simply move all the equipment and employees to the new building.

    Everyone I know has stated that they will never visit there again.

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