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  • Hard Rock in Tampa, FL

    Can someone update me on what kind of machines are in place at the hard rock? Are they all vlt's or are there now some/all slot machines since the legalization in broward county?

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    Re: tampa - hard rock

    I worked at the hard rock in tampa when it opened. the machines were called technical assistance devices, or 'tad' not slot machines.

    They are based on bingo and have a bingo game at the top of the machine. the payout is based on the bingo. they have the capability to go to slots and i have heard here in biloxi from guests that they have or are in the process of doing this.


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      Re: tampa - hard rock

      They are not Class 1 or 2 slots. There are class 3. This means the machines are controlled by a bingo card in the upper portion of the slot machines. You must have a bingo to win on these machines. Florida does not have a casino comm. Real-total slots are not allowed in this state. They do have a low bet poker room also.


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        Re: tampa - hard rock

        Wrong. The machines at the Hard Rock casinos in Tampa and Hollywood ARE class II machines. Bingo-based games by definition are class II.

        You are still playing against OTHER PLAYERS and NOT the house in class II gaming, which includes the bingo-based slots and what are commonly referred to as Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs) which play the same but do not show a bingo card.

        What the other Broward casinos have (Gulfstream, Mardi Gras, Isle Pompano) are class III machines which are the same as what you'd see in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. In these games it is you versus the house not you versus the other players.

        Nowadays though the technology is so fast that whether you're talking class II or III, bingo-based or VLT or 'regular slot'...the experience is basically identical. You put money in, hit the button, see the reels spin and hope they line up so you win.


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          Re: tampa - hard rock

          We were just in Tampa and most of the machines, even though they were not class III, you could not tell the difference.

          Interestingly, the lowest denominator was Nickels only, no pennies or 2 cents.

          Some machines were for the reserve only I think and did not take the players club and were under a different set up.

          BTW I think the reserve is still negotiating with Florida ontheir take before they go to Level III like the slots at the races.

          The machines did pay out quite well for us, no big wins but they let you play and we had a good time.

          Also the points that we had left over from Pompano and Hollywood carried forward to Tampa.


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            Re: tampa - hard rock

            tallahassee,fl. u.s. interior dept. has told gov. crist to reach a deal with seminole indians by mid-august to allow class III gaming. the tribe argues that because las vegas style slot machines are allowed in broward county.

            note: if florida does not make a deal, then the federal govt. is forced to impose rules that allow expanded of class III gaming. this was in starbanner newpaper ocala fl. on 6/28/07


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              follow up on article hard rock

              follow up on article in star-banner newpaper, ocala fl. on 6/28/07 if florida does not make a deal. barry richard, a lawyer representing the seminoles. the state of florida will not receive any money. but if the state agree thay will receive percentage of the tribe revenue or a per-machine fee in exchange for granting exclusive rights to type III las-vegas-style gaming. The tribe wants a good working relationship with the state of Florida.


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                Re: follow up on article hard rock

                According to federal law, the Indian Tribes in Florida are allowed to offer any type of gambling that is already legal within the state.

                Therefore, there is no doubt that the Seminoles, as well as the Miccosukees, will have classs III slot machines.

                Also, according to federal law, the state cannot force a tax on the Tribes for allowing them to have class III slots.

                In order for the state to get a share of the revenue, it must give the Tribes some sort of exclusivity that they wouldn't normally get.

                For example, the state could agree that it won't allow class III slots at any other track in the state in return for the Tribes agreeing to give 25% of their slot revenue to the state as a gaming tax.

                Just wanted to clarify this issue.