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The Meadows: best casino around

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  • The Meadows: best casino around

    This is a much better casino than the ones in West Virginia. The slots are much better,and you usually get to play longer for your money. West Virginia slots are very tight. My husband and I quit going there.

    We now only go to the meadows. It is closer,and even though we don't win wherever we go we do get to play longer at the meadows. The only complaint I have is not having a bigger non-smoking section. It really isn't fair that the smokers always have the biggest rooms. It is very inconsiderate of a smoker to sit down and start blowing smoke in your face, when at the time you sat down there was no one sitting on either side of you. They don't even have the decency to ask you if you mind if they smoke. I still think if a casino was all non-smoking that business would be as good as if there was smoking,because there are alot of people that don't smoke that like to gamble. My husband and I can't wait til the new one opens.

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