When I go to the casinos in Mississippi, I base my trips on how much freeplay I have and most of the time I will play the freeplay out and cash out when finished.

I usually come out between 70 to 80 % of the amount of freeplay. This is all profit.

On Tuesday August 12 we decided to go to Resorts casino in Tunica. They just switched from cash coupons and cash back to freeplay. I had 100 in freeplay for that week and 30 for Wednesday only.

On Wednesday I put $5 freeplay amount in an Outback Jack penny game because it had a $187 minor.
In my style of play the cards for the major/miner never come up because I am never there long enough but this time they came up. To make a long story even longer I happen to get 5 Outback Jacks to win the major for $1037.

So much for my freeplay percentage.

It must be nice to be Lucky.