I've been to Rincon several times. On the plus side, I've always found the customer service to be excellent, great employees everywhere. I've eaten at every reastaurant and all have good to great food. I'm always amused when asked to rate slots. I don't play slots but those who do give high marks when they win and low when they lose.

On the minus side, Rincon is a pain to get to from the airport, there is no convenient transportation. I used to get offers for free air, room and ground transportation but no more.

All Harrah's casinos are hurting and they face a double edged sword; try to cut costs and still attract customers. They are failing. Someone complained about all the Asians. I like to hang out at the Pool Bar when not gambling and the Asians don't go there. Problem is, the Pool Bar is closed for several months so I won't be back anytime soon.

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