This establishment is a joke when compared to actual casinos. The alleged pay-out of 87% is again... a joke. there is no way they return 87% of what they take in.

Myself and a partner conducted our own independent "testing" if you will of this. We took $10,000. Divided it between us and made 5 visits each to the facility. We played .25, .50 and $1.00 three reel machines only. On EVERY visit we were cleaned out of our $1,000 in less than an hour, with the largest single spin win being $300. That only happened once in $10,000!!!

The state of Maine is unofficially giving Hollywood slots a monopoly on the gaming in the state by denying any and all other applications to open facilities. We suspect the scam that is Hollywood slots will continue until this blatant government corruption is uncovered. And some true competition is introduced into gaming in Maine.

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