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Hollywood Seminole Gaming: Too Smoky For Me

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  • Hollywood Seminole Gaming: Too Smoky For Me

    I iive about one mile away from this casino so I can visit it fairly frequently if I wanted to, but I don't because it's too smoky.

    If you spend more than 10 mintues in the casino you will come out smelling like an ashtray and I am not kidding. The odor will be in all of your clothes and hair. It's a very disgusting situation if you're a non-smoker, which I am.

    It's located right across the street from the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, but they try to attract a different crowd - a much lower level gambler.

    They seem to run some pretty good gambling promotions, but in order to take advantage of them you need to stand in line at the players club desk and they only have a maximum of three clerks to handle the lines which can get very long. You can easily spend 20 minutes in line on a weekend - day or night.

    The Seminole's players club works the same at all of their properties. There is no cashback. You can only earn comps at a very, very low rate of $1 for each $400 put through a slot machine, or $800 put through a video poker machine.

    If a Vegas casino offered a players club with those benefits, people would laugh at it and never play at that casino. In Florida, however, they pretty much have a captive audience and clueless gamblers who don't know any better.

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    Re: Hollywood Seminole Gaming: Too Smoky For Me

    I'm about an hour away, but have never visited the Hollywood Seminole casino. I go to Hard Rock when they send a little free play to entice me. You're right about having a captive audience. They do have some competition from the Isle and Seminole Coconut Creek, although the payoffs aren't much better at either place.